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Machine Learning Engineering for Production

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Syllabus Overview

Course 2: Tableau

 Tableau, from basic to advanced functionalities:

  • Introduction to Tableau
    • Objective:  Introduce Tableau and its role in the data visualization and business intelligence landscape.
    • Topics:
      • Overview of Tableau and its components (Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online)
      • Installation and configuration of Tableau Desktop
      • Navigating the Tableau interface and understanding Tableau workspace and terminology
  • Connecting to Data
    • Objective: Learn how to connect Tableau to various data sources and perform basic data manipulations.
      • Topics:
        • Data source connectivity (Excel, SQL, cloud data stores)
        • Data preparation basics in Tableau
        • Introduction to data blending and data joining
        • Managing data extracts and data refresh
  • Creating Visualizations
    • Objective: Develop skills to create and customize visualizations in Tableau.
    • Topics:
      • Using different chart types (bar, line, pie, scatter, heatmaps, etc.)
      • Basic calculations in Tableau (aggregations, ratios, year-over-year growth)
      • Creating dashboards and stories
      • Best practices in data visualization
  • Deep Dive into Data Analysis
    • Objective: Enhance analytical skills using advanced Tableau features.
    • Topics:
      • Advanced calculations (LOD expressions, table calculations)
      • Time-series analysis
      • Trend lines, reference lines, and statistical techniques
      • Geographic mapping for spatial analysis
  • Dashboards and Stories
    • Objective: Master the art of storytelling with data using Tableau’s dashboard and story capabilities.
    • Topics:
      • Dashboard design principles and layout options
      • Interactive dashboards with actions (filter, highlight, URL)
      • Using parameters to enhance interactivity
      • Developing stories for presentation
  • Advanced Visualization Techniques
    • Objective: Explore complex visualization techniques for deeper insights.
    • Topics:
      • Custom visuals and how to import them
      • Animation in Tableau for dynamic presentations
      • Using dashboard extensions
      • Accessibility considerations in dashboard design
  • Tableau Server and Online
    • Objective: Learn to publish, share, and manage content on Tableau Server and Tableau Online.
    • Topics:
      • Publishing and managing content
      • User and permissions management
      • Scheduling data refreshes and subscriptions
      • Security features and data governance
  • Performance Tuning and Scaling
    • Objective: Optimize the performance of Tableau reports and understand scaling practices.
    • Topics:
      • Performance best practices (extracts, efficient calculations, optimizing views)
      • Debugging and troubleshooting common performance issues
      • Architectural considerations for large-scale deployments
  • Preparation for Certification
    • Objective: Prepare students thoroughly for the Tableau certification exam.
    • Topics:
      • Detailed review of certification paths (Desktop Specialist, Desktop Certified Associate, Server Certified Associate)
      • Exam strategies and tips
      • Mock exams and question analysis
  • Practical Labs and Projects
    • Objective: Apply learned skills through continuous practical exercises and a comprehensive capstone project.
    • Activities:
      • Weekly lab sessions focused on real-world data sets
      • Collaborative projects that simulate workplace scenarios
      • Final capstone project that integrates all course elements
  • Continuing Education and Community Engagement
    • Objective: Provide resources for ongoing learning and community involvement.
    • Resources:
      • Access to a Tableau learning portal for continued skill development
      • Participation in Tableau User Groups (TUGs)
      • Engaging with the Tableau Community Forums

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